Our Services

We operate under a unique business model. Right away, we figured out that in order for an interactive agency to be truly adept in interactive media, they’d have to employ hundreds of creative people: logo designers, copywriters, web programmers, art directors, and so on. But, with a staff that large, the agency wouldn’t be a custom shop. They’d be a huge agency, with huge overhead costs.

On the flip side, we recognized the fact that our clients still had all of these needs. And, that’s why we formed Blue Media Boutique. We keep our in-house staff small and tidy—a handful of creatives, some account managers, and someone who pays the electric bill every month. It’s our creative network of freelancers that makes us so different. These folks handle the heavy work. They are the experts. We manage them like they’re our own and our clients feel that way too. We have creatives that work in all mediums, so we’re able to match the perfect person to the perfect job.

Blue Media Boutique combines logic and creativity in everything we do. Our experiences perform. Our products sell. Our people produce.

Creative: web design, web development, animation, video, illustration, branding, print

Technology: e-commerce, database, CMS

Marketing: social media strategy, search optimization, copywriting, promotions, events, campaigns

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