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Seth Godin’s ‘Five Rules for your About Page’

October 5, 2010

Five rules for your About page

When someone comes to your site for the first time, they’re likely to hit ‘about’ or ‘bio’. Why? Because they want a human, a story and reassurance.

Here are some helpful guidelines (okay, they’re actually imperatives):

1. Don’t use meaningless jargon:

… is a recognized provider of result-based online and mobile advertising solutions. Dedicated to complete value chain optimization and maximization of ROI for its clients, … is committed to the ongoing mastery of the latest online platforms – and to providing continuously enhanced aggregation and optimization options.

2. Don’t use a stock photo of someone who isn’t you (if there is a stock photo of you, congratulations). The more photos of you and your team, the better. 3. Make it easy to contact you. Don’t give a contact address or number that doesn’t work. 4. Be human. Write like you talk and put your name on it. Tell a story, a true one, one that resonates. 5. Use third party comments and testimonials to establish credibility. Use a lot of them. Make sure they’re both interesting and true.

How adults interact with online content

October 7, 2009

In August, Burst Media, an online advertising network, surveyed over 1,900 adults 18 years and older on their interaction with online content.

Key insights:

  1. Daily Life Would be Disrupted Without the Internet – “The Internet has become such an essential part of daily life that four out of five (82.8%) respondents say their daily routine would be disrupted if they were without Internet access.”
  2. Generation Divide Exists When Evaluating Online Content and Advertising – “Baby Boomers spend considerable time on the web with three out of five (62.6%) spending more than five hours online per week. Given how ingrained the Internet has become in their daily life, it’s interesting that only 14.0% of Baby Boomers feel Internet content is focused on people their age.”
  3. Young Flock to Social Networking, Boomers Lag Behind – “Age impacts the use of social networking sites with three-quarters (77.4%) of respondents 18-34 years belonging to social networking sites – compared to 47.5% of Baby Boomers. Also, women overall (56.5% versus 50.6% of men) across all age segments are more likely than men to belong to a social networking site.”
  4. Content on Social Networking Sites is a Bust for Boomers – “Our survey found that only 11.9% of Boomers who currently belong to a social networking site feel they are focused on people their age; among Boomers who do not belong to a social networking site, only 3.6% believe they are focused on their demographic.”

    Respondants who abandon cluttered sites

  5. News and Entertainment Content Rule – “The top content categories respondents 18-34 years actively seek out are Entertainment News (48.6%), Gaming (40.5%), Local/National News (37.3%), and Social Media (35.5%). So where are Boomers spending their time online? More than half are viewing local/national news (55.8%) content, two out of five (41.6%) are viewing shopping/comparison shopping content, and 40.2% are viewing health information.


‘Which social net works?’

September 30, 2009

This is an interesting video of Jon Gibs, Nielsen Online’s VP, Media and Agency Insights, discussing the social networking ecosystem and online advertising with Fox Business.

Click here to see the video

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Social networking and blog sites capture more internet time and advertising

September 28, 2009

Source: NielsenWire

“Americans have nearly tripled the amount of time they spend at social networking and blog sites such as Facebook and MySpace from a year ago, according to a new report from The Nielsen Company. In August 2009, 17 percent of all time spent on the Internet was at social networking sites, up from 6 percent in August 2008.

‘This growth suggests a wholesale change in the way the Internet is used,’ said Jon Gibs, vice president, media and agency insights, Nielsen’s online division. ‘While video and text content remain central to the Web experience – the desire of online consumers to connect, communicate and share is increasingly driving the medium’s growth.’

Among those taking note of this trend: advertisers. Estimated online advertising spending on the top social network and blogging sites increased 119 percent, from approximately $49 million in August 2008 to approximately $108 million in August 2009 – all despite a recession. Share of estimated spend on these sites has doubled, from 7 percent of online ad spend in 2008 to 15 percent in 2009.”

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Read full press release.

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