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340,000 Facebook Fans Want Betty White to Host SNL

February 18, 2010

We love this Mashable story about Betty and the power of Facebook…

340,000 Facebook Fans Want Betty White to Host SNL

By: Brenna Ehrlich,  February 17, 2010

Facebook fan page set up to persuade Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels to let Golden Girls star Betty White host the show has officially become a phenomenon.

White recently re-entered the pop culture consciousness after appearing in a popular Super Bowl Snickers commercial and in the romantic comedy The Proposal, also starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. However, the Facebook group called “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!” — started by ardent fan David Mathews back on December 30, 2009 — has been garnering her the most press of late, as more and more people join the cause.

Mathews told us that the page really started taking off on February 4 — “[It] went from 8,300 fans to over 22,000 after being picked up by USA Today and Perez Hilton,” he explains.

When asked what he did to promote the movement, Mathews answered, “I invited all my friends to it when I first created it. I wrote a letter to Lorne Michaels upon reaching 5,000 fans, which I posted on the discussion portion of the Facebook page. I did reach out to Rosie O’Donnell to ask her to mention it on her blog, which she did. I think one of the keys to the enormous response to the page is simply that it’s a good idea with which many other folks also agree. Once the media began picking up the story, the growth just exploded.”

According to AllFacebook, the page went from 30, 000 to 230,000 fans last week. As of today, 342,583 Facebookers have become fans.

So why did Mathews start the page in the first place? You see, despite being an Emmy-awarding winning actress and having toiled in the business for several decades, White has never hosted SNL – a gig that stands as a gold standard milestone for many a funny man and woman. “One of the funniest and most admired actors in the history of television has never been on,” the 29-year-old says, who was been a fan since college.

Mathews says he as yet to hear from Michaels or White, but asserts that he plans to keep the page going until White gets her due. White herself seemed game to host the show when the L.A. Times contacted her yesterday: “I don’t know where [the Facebook page] came from,” White told the Times. “That came out of left field. I understand they’ve had all of these hits… [Whether I would host] would be up to Lorne Michaels.”

Mathews and many others hope that Michaels consents. “Betty White is one of those rare folks that engenders good will among people,” he says. “The Facebook fanpage’s wall is among the most polite I have ever seen on any other page. There is little, if any, griping, snipping, zinging, etc. There is no politics. It is just a large group of people who share a common wish. Betty White is a person that truly transcends age, gender, race, socioeconomics and politics. Perhaps this is why she is as admired as she is.”

What do you think of this Facebook effort? Will you become a fan?

Building your brand on Facebook

July 28, 2009
Once again, we are gaining valuable insight from the social media gurus at Mashable. They posted a great 10-step guide to building your personal Facebook brand…here’s a recap:
  1. Know your audience. Too many people are sharing information to the wrong audiences. Remember, you can limit what select users can see on your profile, just by changing your settings.
  2. Decide on your branding strategy. It should be based not only on the audience you’re targeting, but your overall life goals.
  3. Set your privacy settings. Depending on your Facebook goals, you may set your entire account to private or grant certain individuals permission to view sections of your profile. You can also make your profile public for the world to see, which could be beneficial to you if you’re looking to become more visible in your industry and will result in your profile ranking high for your name in search.
  4. Fill out your profile completely. Paint a picture of who you are. When filling out the information fields, be sure to focus on the education and work section, where you can reconnect with fellow alumni from college, or past colleagues that might be able to help you get a job. Also, in the contact information field, be sure to list your blog, any websites you might own and links to your profiles on other social networks. Since hiring managers use Facebook’s search engine to find candidates, it pays to load up your profile with keywords that they can search against.
  5. Import contacts and grow your network. Each month, you should go through the process of importing your contacts from your email accounts and your instant messenger screen name accounts. This will help you continue to grow your Facebook network as you’re meeting new people through your other channels. If you have a blog, it’s also a smart idea to use Facebook Connect.
  6. Update your status. Based on your branding strategy, you’ll want to update your status to either keep people informed about what you’re up to, push them to your content or both.
  7. Start a group or a page.
  8. Join or start an event in your area.
  9. Link out to your Facebook profile. If your Facebook strategy is to promote yourself and remain public, then placing a link (and possibly a Facebook icon) on other sites to your Facebook profile is a great idea. As the chief marketing officer for your personal brand, you want to build your friend list, so that you have more people to market to now and in the future. Think of your Facebook profile as a digital asset and grow the equity in that asset over the rest of your life.
  10. Feed your social networks. By using Ping.fmPing.Fm, you can update your status on Facebook, as well as many other social networks in an instant, without duplicating your efforts. Also, you can import your blog titles in Facebook using notes or by using an application called Simple RSS. Not only does this make you more productive, but it appears as though you’re contributing to your community, without you having to think about it. Since Facebook is all about sharing, those that share more will be remembered more, which is great for personal branding.

With over 200 million active users, and 600,000+ joining every day, Facebook is a tool worth mastering. It could be just the thing you need to get your business or career booming, so get on board!

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