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More social networking statistics

September 24, 2009

We found a few more statistics on social networking from Econsultancy, and wanted to share. (Posted August 2009).

  • Social networks and blogs are the 4th most popular online activities online, including personal email. 67% of global users visit member communities and 10% of all time spent on the internet is on social media sites.
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth most populated place in the world. This means it easily beats the likes of Brazil, Russia and Japan in terms of size.
  • 80% of companies use, (or are planning to use), LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees during the course of this year. The site has just celebrated reaching its 45-millionth membership.
  • Around 64% of marketers are using social media for 5 hours or more each week during campaigns, with 39% using it for 10 or more hours per week.
  • It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Terrestrial TV took 13 years to reach 50 million users. The internet took four years to reach 50 million people… In less than nine months, Facebook added 100 million users.
  • Wikipedia currently has more than 13 million articles in more than 260 different languages. The site attracts over 60 million unique users a month and it’s often hotly debated that the information it contains is more reliable than any printed Encyclopedia.
  • The most recent figure of blogs being indexed by Technorati currently stands at 133 million. The same report into the Blogosphere also revealed that on average, 900,000 blog posts are created within a single 24-hour period.
  • It’s been suggested that YouTube is likely to serve over 75 billion video streams to around 375 million unique visitors during this year.
  • The top three people on Twitter (Ashton Kutcher, Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears) have more combined followers than the entire population of Austria.
  • According to Socialnomics, if you were paid $1 for every time an article was posted on Wikipedia, you would earn $156.23 per hour.
  • The online bookmarking service, Delicious, has more than five million users and over 150 million unique bookmarked URLs.
  • Since April this year, Twitter has been receiving around 20 million unique visitors to the site each month, according to some analytical sources.
  • Formed in 2004, Flickr now hosts more than 3.6 billion user images.
  • Universal McCann reports that 77% of all active internet users regularly read blogs.

Do you have any cool stats on social networking? Share with us in our comments!

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Quick stats on your favorite networking sites

July 31, 2009

Gotham Magazine compiled this fun information in their recent issue:


Number of Users:

  • Facebook – >175 million
  • Twitter – est. at 93 million
  • MySpace – 130 million
  • LinkedIn – >36 million
  • ASmallWorld – 400,000

When it Launched:

  • Facebook – 2004
  • Twitter – 2006
  • MySpace – 2004
  • LinkedIn – 2003
  • ASmallWorld – 2004

Who it’s Aimed at:

  • Facebook – It’s not just for college students anymore. People over the ago of 30 are the fastest growing members.
  • Twitter – Have to know what everybody’s doing? Get instant updates from all your BFFs on your computer or phone.
  • MySpace – When it launched, it was very popular with musicians and artists. It’s since morphed into a broad networking community.
  • LinkedIn – “Experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries.”
  • ASmallWorld – “An existing international network of people who are connected by three degrees of separation. Members share similar backgrounds, interests and perspectives.”

Famous Users:

  • Facebook – Michael Phelps, Lil’ Kim, DJ AM
  • Twitter – Britney Spears, John Cleese, Lance Armstrong, MC Hammer
  • MySpace – Martin Scorsese, Diablo Cody, Leonardo DiCaprio (it has 600 celebrity bloggers)
  • LinkedIn – Executives from every Fortune 500 company
  • ASmallWorld – Ivanka Trump, Melissa George, Elizabeth Banks

Special Feature:

  • Facebook – Friends can check out your page to see the thoughts, photos and videos you’ve posted.
  • Twitter – You can search other people’s Twitter comments to see what everyone’s tweeting about.
  • MySpace – Millions of songs can be listened to on the site.
  • LinkedIn – Lists thousands of jobs around the country; you can see whether you have a connection at a company that’s hiring.
  • ASmallWorld – The members’ marketplace lists luxury goods like used Rolex watches and vintage Ferraris.


  • Facebook – You can reconnect with your best friend from second grade.
  • Twitter – A good way to quickly let everyone know what you’re doing or where you are.
  • MySpace – Still the best place to find out what your favorite bands are up to.
  • LinkedIn – Forget awkward cocktail parties- network with just a few mouse clicks.
  • ASmallWorld – Unlike other networking sites, it’s private- each member must be invited.


  • Facebook – Your nemesis from second grade will find you.
  • Twitter – Messages can be no more than 140 characters long.
  • MySpace – Tries to do too much, including networking, karaoke, classifieds, videos, music and news.
  • LinkedIn – To use all the site’s features you need to have a business account, which starts at $25 a month.

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