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Blue Media Boutique

1209 Maples Glen Lane

Knoxville, Tennessee 37923


2 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Nilou Ghodsi Says:


    I own a small high-end women’s clothing boutique in Venice, CA. I have had the brick & morter store for over 5 years and my website for almost 3 years. I am looking to use social media to promote my store and website and I’m searching for a team to assist me with this task within my budget (which is not much at this point!)

    If you think your company can take on the challenge and produce results, I would love to speak to someone in greater length.

    The best way to get a hold of me is via my email:

    Thank you,
    Nilou Ghodsi

  2. Veerendra Says:

    Greetings from Bidsopt!!!

    A Mobile Demand Side Platform for Native and Rich Media Ads. We are based out of India

    The purpose of my reaching out to you is see if we could have a skype / phone call to discuss how our services can cater to your needs of branding.

    We run Mobile Banner, JS Tags, Interstitial, Native ads and Rich media.

    Key features of Bidsopt Mobile DSP include

    1. Large Scale Native and Standard Banner inventory from leading exchange/SSP and direct publisher relationship.

    2. Real-time bidding: The ability to price and deliver on a per-impression basis in real-time; IAB Open RTB 2.3 spec and Native Ads 1.0 spec compliance.

    3. CPM and CPC Billing.

    4. Machine Learning and Optimization: Bidsopt’s decision engine optimizes campaign performance based on click through rate and conversion on publishers to maximize performance.

    We also provide detailed best in class analytics which is going to be super helpful for advertisers such as yourselves.

    We would welcome the opportunity to make your goal our own by running your campaigns and delivering results with our world class converting traffic both from apps/website

    I’m looking forward to hear from back you
    Skype Id: – Veer Bidsopt DSP

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