Yale friends create YouTube sensation


In this age of streaming video and constant sharing, creating multiple viral hits on YouTube is quite a feat, yet Yale students Kurt Hugo and Sam Tsui
make the task seem easy. 

This venture began when the friends got together to record a song. Kurt wanted Sam to sing the male part, but when the female singer didn’t show up, Sam ended up performing both parts. Kurt had the idea to put 2 images of Sam on the screen, then 3 images and so on, eventually leading to the 6-part Michael Jackson harmony that has been viewed nearly 4 million times on YouTube. 

Kurt produces the videos, creates the arrangements and performs the music, and Sam provides the vocals. The friends are now creating original music. 

Here are the numbers on the videos below:

Lady Gaga Medley: 1.47 million views in 1 month

Michael Jackson Medley: 3.98 million views in 5 months

“Don’t Stop Believing”-Glee: 3.7 million views in 7 months

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented guys!

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