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Pizza Hut iPhone app

November 12, 2009

Pizza Hut launched an application for the iPhone and iPod touch (iTunes link), and it hit a chord with customers. With a host of features besides ordering food, including the option to virtually build your own pizza, a virtual fridge, and games to play while waiting on your order, the app has been dubbed “a killer app for your appetite.” Customers also get 20% off on orders placed with the application.

“We are extremely excited here about the explosive growth we’ve seen with our iPhone app since its launch 3 months ago—$1 million in sales is pretty substantial for an iPhone app,” said Bernard Acoca, senior director of digital marketing at Pizza Hut, Dallas, TX. “Overall we’re tremendously excited with the momentum the app has and the attention it’s received—it is featured in Apple’s recent television commercial campaign, which is any app developer’s dream scenario.”

IMC2 (Squared) and QuikOrder partnered with Pizza Hut for the creation of the iPhone application. Pizza Hut says it was the first national pizza chain to introduce an application for iPhone and iPod touch with ordering functionality.

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