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Localizing an Internet-based Business

March 28, 2012

In many popular social media and marketing blogs, the controversy of targeting online versus targeting local is a trending topic. This is a problem many companies face, and the answer can be difficult to find. What do the majority of bloggers say the answer is? A blend of both online and local.

Chris Brogan, President of Human Business Works and an active blogger, says the most important thing he is studying about this issue is understanding how the Internet makes local work better.

It’s important for companies to have relationships with both the online trust agent and the local hero. Brogan says this is “a missing piece of many companies’ puzzles.”

Creating a contact database is a start to blending. The online trust agents can direct companies to local heroes. There are people that have a job, online trust agents, and people who live to serve, local heroes. The majority of the time, connecting with local heroes will be the most helpful.

Local marketing is growing, but it still has a long way to go. In his blog, Brogan provides statistics on how small businesses are (or are not) using the web:

  • 40% of small businesses don’t have a web site
  • 81% of entrepreneurs still don’t take advantage of social media
  • 47% don’t think that Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn are beneficial to their business

Being a local web development company that provides services for local (and not so local) companies, these statistics are shocking. So how do we reach these small businesses? According to Brogan:

“Make it dead simple. That’s how you’ll sell them.”

After reviewing this issue, questions rise:

  • How will companies continue to blend the online and local even more?
  • How will companies help people understand what they offer?

What do you think? 

Knoxville’s Blue Media Boutique Merging with Efficience

January 26, 2012

Interactive Firm to Become Division of Knoxville’s Second-Largest Software Developer

Knoxville, Tenn. – Efficience, Knoxville’s second-largest software development and consulting company, announced today its merger with Knoxville-based Blue Media Boutique, an interactive creative services firm.

The Blue Media Boutique brand, established in Knoxville in 2008 and led by Tori W. Rose, will become a trademarked division of Efficience to provide user experience and interface design for Efficience’s custom application software.

The two companies began working together in 2011, with projects that included such clients as Radio Systems Corporation, Innovative Events and

Efficience will maintain Blue Media Boutique’s web development, interactive marketing and social media strategy services for Blue Media’s existing client base and will continue to grow this new side of Efficience’s business.

“Our two companies already had a relationship in place, with Tori’s team creating stronger user-experience / user-interface solutions for several of our clients’ software programs,” said Efficience President April Cox. “We now will have the benefit of Tori’s team fully engaged with all of our clients at the appropriate stage to make sure they get the most functional applications with strong, intuitive design.”

According to Rose, the merger represents a unique pairing in the regional marketplace.

“Among local interactive and web design firms, there are few that offer the vast level of in-house developer and quality assurance talent that our team offers, now combined with Efficience,” Rose said.

“Before, there was occasional business that I had to turn away because of how complex the back-end piece might be to a website development project, for example,” Rose said.  “Now, no project will be too large for us.  We’re no longer stuck in a small-to-medium range of clients, whether by quantity or size of project.”

Rose’s team of eight creative services, graphic design and social media professionals will join Efficience’s team of 50, which includes software developers and technical staff based both locally in Knoxville and in Efficience’s office in Puducherry, India, which employs all full-time employees.

Key clients of each firm have recently included, for Efficience: Coca-Cola, Ritway, and the West Virginia Department of Education; and for Blue Media Boutique: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dominion and The District in Bearden.

More information can be located at

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Download the release here.

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