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Viral happiness: Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Machine” video

January 27, 2010

A Coca-Cola vending machine is transformed into a happiness machine delivering “doses” of happiness. Where will happiness strike next?


We love Fast Company writer Ravi Sawhney’s take on the Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine.”

Coca-Cola’s New Video Proves Brand Happiness Can Be Viral

BY RAVI SAWHNEY Mon Jan 25, 2010

“Happiness is contagious, and that “contagious” quality is where design meets the market. Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine video is a perfect example of how viral happiness can be. The brand’s first viral venture captures what happened when they placed a very special vending machine on a college campus. The video launched on January 12 and topped a million views today based solely on people sharing the video through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and word-of-mouth. The people in the video and people spreading the video will forever share a memory that cements the association of happiness with Coca-Cola.”

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