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Getting social media right for B2B

November 2, 2009

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or whatever, that’s secondary. The most important thing is to make sure that the tools you are using are driving the right message, reaching the right people, and starting the right conversations.
—Tony Hynes, SVP Bite Communications

As social media’s influence becomes greater, a variety of B2B companies are getting on board. Some have said social media seems less relevant in the B2B arena, but aren’t relationships even more important for B2B businesses than anywhere else?

Social media can play a huge role in building buzz around a product launch, in developing new product ideas, in testing a product before it hits the market. It can also be used for listening, research, customer service, and brand building. Using different social media channels is a way B2B companies can reach target audiences without using traditional media sources.

“Almost any sector has their eye on the space,” says Sam Ford, director of customer insights for Peppercom. “There is probably some aspect of using social media that will be smart for almost any sector.”

Social media is not a channel to be ignored, but get a strategy in place before jumping in.

How is your B2B using social media? Let us know.


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