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5 Ways Your Company Can Use Twitter Hashtags

September 26, 2012

If your company has a Twitter account, hashtags, better recognized as #,  should be a part of your social media strategy. Follow these five tips to improve your company’s hashtag strategy.

1. Look for Business-Specific Conversations

If you use Twitter for one thing, use it to learn from others. Look for hashtags such as #smallbiz or #socialmedia to find advice, resources, and influential people to follow. While using these hashtags to learn and gain advice is great, step into the conversation once and a while. Using a hashtag about a subject you’re interested in will put you in the conversation and will allow other people to engage with you too around that topic.

If you want to jump into a more specific conversation, narrow down the hashtag. For example, looking for a business savvy person to follow? Try #entrepreneurs. Wanting to meet new people? Try #networking.

2. Keep it Simple and Consistent 

When tweeting about a new blog post about creating and developing mobile apps, don’t do this: #MobileAppCreationandDevelopment. Try this: #mobileapp #development #design. Overwhelmingly long hashtags are hard to read, making your tweet buried in the mix, and also aren’t search-friendly.

3. Create Your Own Hashtag

Large and small companies can create their own hashtags, and they should! Hashtags are a great way to generate buzz around just about anything! For example, Domino’s Pizza told followers to tweet #letsdolunch. When the number of tweets reached 85,000, Domino’s split prices in half during lunch that day. Get creative! Hashtags are a fun way to engage with you followers and be more than just a Twitter account.

4. Organize Social Dashboards by Hashtag

Whether you use HootSuite or TweetDeck, using a social dashboard can conveniently keep you up-to-date with relevant hashtags for your company. You can create specific columns by social network, search term, or hashtag.

5. Take Advantage of Follow Friday

Micah Baldwin, CEO and Chief Community Caretaker of, announced on Twitter that he would suggest people to follow every week. This trend took off with the hashtag #FollowFriday and has now been shortened to #FF.

You can use Follow Friday in two ways. You can create a list of great people to follow and try to fit as many of them as you can in a tweet using the hashtag #FF. You can also group your favorite followers in categories. For example, tweet #FF #entrepreneurs and then list the entrepreneurs you like following. This is a great way to contribute to the conversation while letting people know you like following them at the same time.

These are just 5 ways to use hashtags. What are some ways your company uses them?

Below is a current example of how our business used hashtags in the hiring process.


Recommended Read: The Social Media Bible

July 5, 2012

I recently started reading The Social Media Bible, by Lon Safko. I highly recommend this book to everyone; it’s full of great insight and interesting facts. Below are a few quotes I felt were worth sharing!

“The next most-asked question at my keynotes are ‘Where’s the ROI in social media marketing?’ and ‘How much money should I be spending on social media marketing?; My answer is always, remove the term social media from those questions and ask them again ‘Where’s the ROI in marketing?’ and ‘How much should I be spending on marketing?'” 

“Social media is only a new set of tools, new technology that allows us to more efficiently connect and build relationships with our customers and prospects. It’s doing what the telephone, direct mail, print advertising, radio, television, and billboards did for us up until now. But social media is exponentially more effective.” 

“Social media marketing is all about listening first, understanding the conversation, and then speak last.”

“Whether it’s a social network like Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter or blogging, it’s about participating in that conversation and being there with a relationship when your prospect is ready to buy.” 

“By building relationships through social media, you build a more lasting trusted relationship that will result in more sales, fewer returns, and greater word of mouth.”

“The reason for Twitter‘s success was best put by Mark Twain, when he said in the late nineteenth century, ‘I apologize for the length of my correspondence. Given more time, it would have been shorter.'” 

Kakul Srivastava, the general manager for Flickr, told me that there are three cell phones for every man, woman, and child on the planet. With that kind of technology penetration, you and your company needs to be participating.” 

“Anytime there is a tool that millions of people in one place at one time, all with common interests, are clamoring to use, you, as a businessperson, need to understand it and be a part of it.” 

Tips to Increase Your Twitter Presence

June 28, 2012

Calling all Twitter users! Whether you’re new to Twitter and you’re trying to build your follower base or you’re not-so-new to Twitter, if you’re wanting to increase your followers’ engagement, here are 5 simple tips you can use to build your follower foundation. Keep in mind, you can use these tips for your personal Twitter page or your business/brand’s Twitter page. 

1. Personalize Your Page

Take advantage of all the opportunities Twitter provides to personalize your page and have it represent who you are, what you’re interested in, or what you’re looking for. The left side of your Twitter page should be your primary focus. There you can put photos, logos, or contact information. For bigger brands or public figures, validating your account is a good idea. Also, use the “about” section wisely and put together a to-the-point and effective bio. When followers can quickly get a sense of who you are and what you’re about, they’re more likely to follow you. 

2. Ask Interesting Questions and Ask for Help

Create conversation; don’t wait for the conversation to come to you. Your followers are a great resource for feedback and help. If you’re a brand, questions don’t have to necessarily be about your products or services– asking someone’s opinion and making it clear that it’s appreciated goes a long way. Be creative and make it fun! 

3. Re-tweet and Reply (in Moderation)

Re-tweeting (RT) and replying to tweets is an easy and effective way of acknowledging your followers and letting them know you find their tweets valuable and informative. But most of all, this lets them know you appreciate their following. 

However, make sure your re-tweets and replies are balanced. Creating conversation is important, but remember that you don’t want your Twitter feed to turn into a long list of “@reply” posts. If anything, this will decrease your number of followers, because most of them don’t have the patience to look through the conversation to find out what it’s all about. 

4. Post Relevant Updates

By posting relevant and informative information and links, followers will start to consider you as a good source of information and will find it worthwhile to engage with you. 

5. Go Back to the Basics with Follow Friday (#FF)

Putting some time and thought into a #FF post is worthwhile and a great form of engagement. It’s an easy way to give a shout-out to your favorite followers and let them know you acknowledge and like their tweets. It’s also a quick and effective way to make a recommendation to the rest of your followers on who to follow. 

What tips do you use to get the most out of your Twitter account? We’d love for you to share. 

Facebook Dominates Social Networking Traffic Worldwide

June 11, 2012

According to a new infographic map, Facebook shows a strong hold on traffic to various social sites worldwide. 

Vincenzo Cosenza, an Italian-based social media strategist, has studied the most popular social networks used across the globe and has put together a map to highlight the leading platforms. He posted his findings on his blog.  

Facebook, which has more than 845 monthly active users, is the top-used social networking site in 126 out of 137 countries analyzed, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Japan, Brazil, and India. 

Although Facebook has its roots in the U.S., with 222 million users, Europe is the continent with the most Facebook users, 232 million. 

However, Facebook is not the top player in Russia, China, Vietnam, and Latvia. 

“If we take a look over Facebook’s shoulders we can see the battle for the second position between Twitter and LinkedIn or, especially in Europe, between Badoo and Twitter,” Cosenza noted on his blog.

What do you think? Do you think other social networking sites have the potential to pass Facebook in the future? If so, which sites in which regions?

Recruiting through Social Media

May 30, 2012

“Social media touches every facet of business and is more an extension of good business ethics.”

-Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics

When recruiting through social media, think of these tools in the following ways:

1) FacebookThe Coffee Shop. Fans see updates in real time so you can post about job openings, trade shows, etc. You can also create pages for job listings.

2) TwitterThe Speed Date. Include links to job postings. Can post several times a day. You can get conversations started here very easily.

3) Your BlogThe Open House. Your blog shows off your business’ personality and is a great venue for posting job openings.

4) LinkedInThe Networking Event. Users can follow your company page and you can post jobs inexpensively on your Career page.

5) YouTubeThe Public Access Cable Channel. Videos can showcase your company so prospects can “meet” the people or place they will be working with/at. You can also create a recruiting “commercial”.

For more information on recruiting through social media, click here.

Social Media Campaigns We Love

February 27, 2012

Over the past year, we have seen thousands of companies, big and small, launch social media campaigns. The great thing about these campaigns is that businesses can have a big idea and launch it with a small marketing budget.

Here are a couple of our favorites over the past year.

1. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese’s Jinx

Last March, Kraft launched a Twitter campaign. Whenever two people tweeted the phrase “mac & cheese,” Kraft sent both people a link saying “Mac & Jinx,” like the childhood game Jinx. The first person to reply back to Kraft got five free boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, plus a T-shirt!

This Twitter campaign is a low-cost way to gain potential fans on Twitter. All you have to do is search a term and identify two people who tweet that term at close to the same time. From this, you will gain goodwill, a potential follower and good word-of-mouth buzz.

2. BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota’s Human Doing

Last year, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota launched a campaign, where they put a common man, Scott Jorgenson, in a glass apartment in the Mall of America for a month. To demonstrate the beneficial effects of exercise, Jorgenson was put on a workout plan for that month where he exercised three to five times a day for 10-minute intervals. Not only did the glass apartment generate buzz, BlueCross BlueShield threw in a social media twist: Twitter and Facebook followers dictated the type of exercise for each session through comments and tweets.

This shows how creating an event, especially one that involves social media fans, is a successful alternative to launching an ad campaign. Making social media fans feel important and allowing them to see their influence is a great way to generate buzz on social media platforms.

For more social media campaigns, check out Mashable’s article, 5 Clever Social Media Campaigns To Learn From.

Kidney Donor found through Twitter

May 31, 2011

I saw this report a few weeks ago and have been remiss in posting about it. Better late than never. From NBC’s Today show, here’s an inspirational story of a Mayo Clinic patient with kidney disease who received a life-saving transplant after her daughter made connections with a volunteer kidney donor through social media:

Obama announces “We are a Nation of Google and Facebook”

January 27, 2011

Yesterday, Mashable posted an article on President Obama’s State of the Union Address, which  focused on the president saying we are a nation of Google and Facebook.

President Obama, who is a frequent ‘tweeter’ himself, is very adamant about the use of social media. He uses many social media tools to his advantage, which makes these statistics Mashable posted today even more interesting.

Check out more of these statistics to see how trending and beneficial social media can be with an array of topics.

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Nabisco’s effective Twitter plan

August 9, 2010

We wanted to share this great social media article from MarketingProfs:

The best path to the heart is still the stomach, and Nabisco apparently knows it. The company recently began mining Twitter to find customers who love its Wheat Thins crackers and give a lucky few of them the surprise of their lives. Here’s how the company and its agency of choice Escape Pod executed the idea:

They studied how Twitter users view the little crackers. Wheat Thins and Escape Pod listened in on tweets nationwide and decided folks love the crackers in a casual sort of way. “It’s an accessory,” says Escape Pod’s Vinny Warren. People like to say they adore the crackers, but they apparently aren’t seeking a profound relationship with the company.

They found their biggest fans—and surprised them. Wheat Thins began choosing a few lucky tweeters and surprising them at home with a free lifetime supply of the crunchy little crackers! (The agency studies a given fan’s personality on Twitter and other social media before arriving chez them. Chosen people are positive, responsive online and appreciate a good laugh.)

They prepared for the response. The random visits are generating a great positive buzz for both client and agency. And now that fans know the Wheat Thins van is out there prowling, they are fishing for it on Twitter. If they care enough to tell Wheat Thins they want more, it’s fine to surprise them occasionally with what they want, says Warren. But the giveaways are strategically distributed to make sure they stay within budget. And Nabisco has an active Twitter account for the cracker brand (CrunchisCalling) to continue to breed enthusiasm.

The Po!nt: Take it on home. Twitter isn’t just for building followers and sharing tweets; it’s a rich data source for a brand’s life pulse. Consider acting on your Twitter data to create a special real-world experience for customers. They might just eat it up!

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