Increase Your Company’s Social Media Presence


Being an interactive agency, maintaining a social presence is something we try to constantly maintain.  Our recent merge with Efficience has provided us with more social media opportunities, which has also provided more room for social media improvement.

One of the biggest misperceptions of social media is that it falls solely on the social media director or manager. In order to make your company more social, it is key to get everyone in the company involved, or at least aware, in the benefits of social media.

Here are 6 ways to increase your company’s social media presence:

1. Give Interactive Tutorials

Some of our co-workers are not currently active in social media. Some simply don’t want to be, and others have never learned what it is about.  Fun and easy web-based tutorials are a great way to inform co-workers in a form they can access both in and out of the office.

2. Focus on Fun Ways to Use Twitter

Some people have strong opinions about Facebook; they either love or hate it. To avoid this, focus on a platform that is just as helpful to your company but is less familiar. Twitter is so fun, and the opportunities are endless. A good way to get everyone involved is show tweets of comedians or show hashtags of commentary during an episode of The Big Bang Theory. This will show that Twitter can relate to each co-worker and will show how Twitter can increase information in any certain business or industry.

3. Find Influencers Within the Company

In our office, there are obviously some people that love social media more than others. The social media gurus can be helpful tools around the office if any questions or ideas arise.

4. Launch a Fun Contest or Internal Campaign

We love launching fun social media contests for our clients. Not only are these contest fun, they are also very successful.  Reviewing the success of these campaigns, it only makes sense to create a internal contest among co- workers. We have yet to launch something like this, but the ideas are flowing!

5. Engage

As you push social media throughout your co-workers, assist their progress by engaging with them. Retweet, like, comment, or subscribe to something they do. This positive (hopefully) feedback will boost their social media confidence.

6. Get creative!

Remember: social media is fun and the opportunities are endless! By involving all your co-workers, more creative ideas for social media strategies, content, and contests will form. This will provide your social media presence and, in turn, your company with greater external potential.

For different insight and more information on this topic, check out Mashable‘s article, How to Make Your Company More Social.


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