NPR: “New Networks Target Discomfort With Facebook”


I’m traveling today and any time that happens, I actually have a chance to catch up on “social media in the news” stuff. This morning, I heard some great commentary on NPR re: start-up social networks that are trying to woo people with the promise of better privacy controls. I am a definite supporter of the underdogs here, but can’t help but wonder how they’ll ever catch up. Facebook has such momentum now and is constantly reinventing itself with new apps, new security measures, new interfaces, and so on.

I agree with many that a network that better represents my real-world relationships to people would be fantastic. Right now my friends on Facebook are a mix of high school pals I haven’t seen in years, friends I see everyday, business colleagues, relatives and everything in between. Facebook Groups functionality allows me to segment to an extent, but there’s room for expansion here. Additionally, I’d love to see similar functionality—more robust functionality—with my business fan page. Of course, Facebook was invented for the individual, but as more and more businesses flock to it for exposure, my hope is the features and functions will improve to support that growing demographic.

Take a listen and let me know what you think. Who has a chance against this social networking giant? Rise up small start-ups and let us hear your cry!

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