Employees…the heart of the brand.


Mary Beth West sent this Advertising Age article to me this morning, just as I hung up the phone with a client who so desperately needs to follow this advice! It is definitely worth the full read, but I’ll paste the wrap-up here:

5 Reasons to Engage Employees in Your Marketing Strategy

They’re consumers, too
Their opinions are already fully formed and ready for you to tap.

They’re on the frontlines
The product should always be the focus in marketing, but its delivery is crucial — and employees are charged with making that delivery. Investing in their knowledge will pay off.

If you sell the message to them, they’ll sell it for you
You have to convert your employees before you can expect to win over consumers. If successful, you’ll gain genuine, loyal ambassadors for your brand.

It humanizes your brand
Using employees rather than the CEO makes your message instantly less pitchy, and consumers are more likely to trust people they can relate to — people like them.

You might just get something
Remember, this isn’t just a ploy. Tapping your talent for their creative input could produce a sea of duds, but it is also likely yield some solid, workable concepts that fit your brand. (And that a winning idea came from the mailroom is a PR line in and of itself.)

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