Nabisco’s effective Twitter plan


We wanted to share this great social media article from MarketingProfs:

The best path to the heart is still the stomach, and Nabisco apparently knows it. The company recently began mining Twitter to find customers who love its Wheat Thins crackers and give a lucky few of them the surprise of their lives. Here’s how the company and its agency of choice Escape Pod executed the idea:

They studied how Twitter users view the little crackers. Wheat Thins and Escape Pod listened in on tweets nationwide and decided folks love the crackers in a casual sort of way. “It’s an accessory,” says Escape Pod’s Vinny Warren. People like to say they adore the crackers, but they apparently aren’t seeking a profound relationship with the company.

They found their biggest fans—and surprised them. Wheat Thins began choosing a few lucky tweeters and surprising them at home with a free lifetime supply of the crunchy little crackers! (The agency studies a given fan’s personality on Twitter and other social media before arriving chez them. Chosen people are positive, responsive online and appreciate a good laugh.)

They prepared for the response. The random visits are generating a great positive buzz for both client and agency. And now that fans know the Wheat Thins van is out there prowling, they are fishing for it on Twitter. If they care enough to tell Wheat Thins they want more, it’s fine to surprise them occasionally with what they want, says Warren. But the giveaways are strategically distributed to make sure they stay within budget. And Nabisco has an active Twitter account for the cracker brand (CrunchisCalling) to continue to breed enthusiasm.

The Po!nt: Take it on home. Twitter isn’t just for building followers and sharing tweets; it’s a rich data source for a brand’s life pulse. Consider acting on your Twitter data to create a special real-world experience for customers. They might just eat it up!

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