Social media at Deloitte


Adopting social media as a communications tool is a huge leap for many companies. It takes vision to see the power of people connecting online. It takes innovation to embrace something new and different. It takes guts to empower and trust employees to participate in an online channel, with all the potential risks.

But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding…results are what count.

The attached report from Deloitte Australia on their social media success is impressive. They are using platforms like Yammer to test ideas, collaborate in large numbers on a global scale, and harness collective wisdom. They’re recruiting with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They’re creating a corporate culture that embraces participation, communication, and transformation across the board.

So the choice is NOT ‘do we participate?’
The question is how.
To participate in social media you must unleash energy not try to control it. The process, technology and policy are easy. Getting the right attitude is hard.

This is a fantastic case study for anyone about to take the plunge…or anyone trying to convince their executive team to do so!

Download: Deloitte Social Networking

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