Chipotle and Junk Mail


As Americans, we are inundated with ‘junk,’ from solicitors blowing up our phones, spam emails in our inboxes, low-quality food on the shelves, flyers in our mailboxes and annoying adverstising everywhere we turn. Perhaps that’s why it is so refreshing to see a national chain doing something about all the junk.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, a national chain that promotes the message of ‘Food with Integrity,’ that fast food doesn’t have to be “junk” food, has launched a social media-driven campaign to reinforce that idea. Chipotle’s “No Junk” campaign, which began June 25,  urges people to forward their own junk emails to the chain (at For every 100,000 junk emails sent, Chipotle will donate $10,000 to The Lunch Box, a new initiative from the F3: Food Family Farming Foundation, that will provide 100,000 schools nationwide with healthy, junk-free recipes and other tools for implementing whole foods-based, economical meal programs.

The brand will get the word out via its Facebook presence and by running banner ads on targeted sites.

The “No Junk” campaign will run through August (or until the goal of 500,000 emails is reached).

“With The Lunch Box, we have found a like-minded organization that shares many of our beliefs and is committed to getting better, more sustainable food into our nation’s schools. That is something that’s easy for us to support,” said Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle.

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