Apple’s Cupidtino dating service


Fanboys and girls now have a new place to profess their love of all things Apple, now that Cupidtino, Apple’s new dating site, launched to the public today.

A name play on Cupid and the city of Cupertino (where Apple’s headquarters are located), Cupidtino allows Apple fanatics to find love with others who share their Mac interests.

The site is essentially like any dating site, except with a few special ‘Apple’ features. Users can attach photos and list the basics about themselves, including “when you became a Mac” and a list of the gadgets they own. To express interest in someone, users can “Mac him” (or her), similar to a Facebook ‘poke,’ message the person or plan to meet the nearest Apple store. There is even a forum where “Machearts” can connect.

Cupidtino will be available exclusively on Apple desktops, with some location-based social apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Are you a “Macheart” looking for your soul mate? Check out the Cupidtino site and Twitter account!

This specialized dating service definitely has potential, and we can’t wait to see how this pans out… We’ll keep you posted as the site develops.

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3 Responses to “Apple’s Cupidtino dating service”

  1. Christian Says:

    Apple has nothing to do with the website, other than the obvious fact that it’s about their products and their ushers…

    Apple didn’t great the concept or website.

  2. Christian Says:


  3. Laura Says:

    Would be interested to see such a move from Apple. They are getting into new smaller niches to expand their paid for services.

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