Our new interactive ‘Spin the Sperm’ game for Revive


To celebrate the launch of Revive Personal Products‘ Spermicide Awareness Campaign, Blue Media Boutique created an interactive, informative game called ‘Spin the Sperm.

We are proud to report that the day the press release was distributed, ‘Spin the Sperm’ was in rotation on the Reuter’s billboard in Times Square!

Times Square, New York City

We would love to have you play the game here to find out if you’re a ‘Virgin or a Sperminator!’ Below is the press release for the new campaign.

Love The Penis. Kill The Sperm.
Revive Personal Products Launches Spermicide Awareness Campaign

Madison, NJ – (April 15, 2010) – Revive Personal Products Company (Revive), the makers of Conceptrol®, announced the launch of “Love The Penis, Kill The Sperm,” an interactive media campaign aimed at raising awareness of spermicide as a birth control option. The message: it’s fine to love the penis and have fun doing it, but don’t forget to kill the sperm or you may end up with a baby bump you don’t want right now.

“Most people are aware that unplanned pregnancies are on the rise, especially among 20-somethings,”said Kelly Kaplan, President of Revive. “Lots of strategies are being used to combat the problem, including messages about abstinence and bombarding women with statistics. Guess what? It’s not working. They’re not listening. This issue needs a fresh approach,” she said.

The “Love the Penis, Kill the Sperm” campaign avoids the same old messages and instead creates a two-way conversation with its target audience, women ages 25-35, where they spend most of their time: online. “Love the Penis, Kill the Sperm” will use viral and social media marketing efforts; specifically an interactive game called “Spin the Sperm,” (spinthesperm.com) with a Facebook Connect component to educate women in an edgy, lighthearted way. Spin The Sperm takes users through a series of twelve questions, delivered by sperm with various personalities. A badge is assigned depending on your score. Know very little? Virgin. A bit? Sex Kitten. A lot? Dominatrix. Everything? You’re a Sperminator. The badges link directly to Facebook where game results can be shared among social networks.

Citing the ‘young invincibles’ theory, Kelly Kaplan explains that if women in their 20’s and 30’s have been having sex without protection and not getting pregnant, they can become complacent and do end up pregnant eventually. With little to no stigma attached to hooking-up or single motherhood, the focus tends to shift from what they don’t want (pregnancy), to what they do want (pleasure).

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One Response to “Our new interactive ‘Spin the Sperm’ game for Revive”

  1. Lauren Says:

    What a neat idea!! As a 25-year-old woman, I can honestly say that I’ll be looking at Revive’s product as a viable option for bc from now on.

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