Don’t connect with strangers on Facebook


IT security firm, Sophos, released findings today that confirm it is very easy to convince Facebook users to share personal information with complete strangers.

Here’s what they did:

“Sophos created two fictitious users with names based on anagrams of the words ‘false identity’ and ‘stolen identity.’ 21-year-old ‘Daisy Felettin’ was represented by a picture of a toy rubber duck bought at a $2 shop; 56-year-old ‘Dinette Stonily’ posted a profile picture of two cats lying on a rug. Each sent out 100 friend requests to randomly-chosen Facebook users in their age-group.

Within two weeks, a total of 95 strangers chose to become friends with Daisy or Dinette – an even higher response rate then when Sophos first performed the experiment two years ago with a plastic frog. Worse still, in the latest study, eight Facebookers befriended Dinette without even being asked.”

Keep in mind, Facebook has very detailed privacy options for every profile. Mashable does a great job of recapping these steps in their Facebook privacy primer. Please check it out and be sure to protect your data. Identity theft is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

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