Don’t Blow It – The Nasal Allergy Game


With the growth and expansion of social media, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to step out of what we’ve been doing traditionally and do something completely different to engage in that new area.”
—Julie Lux, Nasonex, director of global product communications and advocacy realtions

After conducting research on their target audience—mainly women ages 25-50—Nasonex decided to use an online game to promote its Nasonex allergy medication, reminding consumers that allergies happen year-round.

“Don’t Blow It” engaged consumers in a new way. Nasonex introduced it in the spring allergy season, and the game featured links and widgets that enticed users to click through to or share the game on Facebook. They spread the word through a group of select bloggers and traditional media, including health writers and TV weatherman who often talk about pollen count.

In the fall, Nasonex unveiled the “Name Ronnie Nose’s Dog Contest,” and promoted it via dog and pet bloggers and writers.

They also partnered with American Forests to donate one low-allergenic tree for every new user who played the game.

More than 11,000 unique visitors to the site have played the “Don’t Blow It” game, which means 11,000 tress have been planted, and the dog-naming contest has received over 500 entries.

Nasonex plans to update the game each season, continuing to educate users on allergies year-round. Lux says, “There is still life in this particular game…We’ll continue to look for new ways to spread the word about treatment of nasal allergy symptoms.”

Reference: PR Week

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