Take my Pradas and chocolate, but not my social networks


In a research study and report by ShesConnected Multimedia, it was found that more than one-third (36%) of online US and Canadian women would give up chocolate, their Pradas or their mothers-in-law before they gave up their social networks. (However, only half would be willing to pay subscription fees to continue using such networks.)


The study, “The Power of Social Networking for Women,” found that 53% of online women use social networks at least weekly, and that social-networking women – most of whom are highly engaged and comfortable with technology – are one of the fastest growing segments on social networking sites.


Though it is unsurprising that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular social networks for women, ShesConnected reported that they were surprised by the fact that a large number of women are using such sites to network, market and otherwise promote their businesses.

The top five reasons women belong to social networks:

  • To network professionally
  • To stay up-to-date with friends
  • To stay up-to-date with groups they belong to
  • To promote their business.
  • To research products or services

The most popular social networking activities for women:

  • Viewing video
  • Reading blogs
  • Posting photos
  • Writing in blogs
  • Posting comments


“Women using Social Networks are finding such high utility in these sites that they are becoming a central component of their lives online,” the firm said in a press release, adding that “marketers need to focus on how best to provide value to the community,” ShesConnected noted following the study.

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