How adults interact with online content


In August, Burst Media, an online advertising network, surveyed over 1,900 adults 18 years and older on their interaction with online content.

Key insights:

  1. Daily Life Would be Disrupted Without the Internet – “The Internet has become such an essential part of daily life that four out of five (82.8%) respondents say their daily routine would be disrupted if they were without Internet access.”
  2. Generation Divide Exists When Evaluating Online Content and Advertising – “Baby Boomers spend considerable time on the web with three out of five (62.6%) spending more than five hours online per week. Given how ingrained the Internet has become in their daily life, it’s interesting that only 14.0% of Baby Boomers feel Internet content is focused on people their age.”
  3. Young Flock to Social Networking, Boomers Lag Behind – “Age impacts the use of social networking sites with three-quarters (77.4%) of respondents 18-34 years belonging to social networking sites – compared to 47.5% of Baby Boomers. Also, women overall (56.5% versus 50.6% of men) across all age segments are more likely than men to belong to a social networking site.”
  4. Content on Social Networking Sites is a Bust for Boomers – “Our survey found that only 11.9% of Boomers who currently belong to a social networking site feel they are focused on people their age; among Boomers who do not belong to a social networking site, only 3.6% believe they are focused on their demographic.”

    Respondants who abandon cluttered sites

  5. News and Entertainment Content Rule – “The top content categories respondents 18-34 years actively seek out are Entertainment News (48.6%), Gaming (40.5%), Local/National News (37.3%), and Social Media (35.5%). So where are Boomers spending their time online? More than half are viewing local/national news (55.8%) content, two out of five (41.6%) are viewing shopping/comparison shopping content, and 40.2% are viewing health information.



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