Missed viral opportunity for Major League Baseball


Two days ago, during a Phillies baseball game, fan Steve Monforto caught a foul ball. After a few high fives with his family and friends, he handed the ball to his daughter, who immediately turned and threw it back onto the field. After the initial shock, Steve reached down and hugged his daughter. After all, she was only doing what she thought was the right thing to do!

Of course, the MLB caught this touching moment on video, but so did a lot of other fans in the stadium. The video immediately hit YouTube, creating quite a buzz. A scene as adorable as that one was sure to go viral, and Steve’s catch was pretty fantastic as well.

Unfortunately, the MLB didn’t see it that way. They pulled the YouTube video claiming copyright infringement and instead posted the video on the MLB.com site. Bad news is, there is no embed code on the video, so users can’t pass it along.

Yesterday, a handful of users took things into their own hands and began posting videos of the news recap instead—literally shooting video of their television set! We’ll see what the MLB has to say about it.

With social media at its peak, you’d think the MLB would have jumped on the opportunity to spread its brand, while at the same time sharing a great moment in baseball with the masses. Instead, they’ve decided to ban all fan-generated video, and are hoping people will head to their site to watch clips. It might happen, but it certainly squashes the viral potential user-generated content has proven itself to have.

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2 Responses to “Missed viral opportunity for Major League Baseball”

  1. Karen Says:

    When will companies wake up and realize the power of social media? It’s as if MLB’s marketing department is run by my grandma. Wake up – you’re so 2-thousand-late.

  2. catherinewooten Says:

    Yesterday we mentioned people were literally shooting video of their television set, and that ‘we’ll see what the MLB has to say about it.’
    Well, they have pulled this video as well!

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