How to make money on YouTube


I am a huge follower of Gabe Strom and this video is one of my favorites. (I am specifically posting this for you Ben Ward)!

Using Ronald Jenkees’ success as the focus, Gabe lets us in on a few secrets to making cash on YouTube.

Check it out.

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2 Responses to “How to make money on YouTube”

  1. BenW Says:

    Thanks, Tori!! This was great. I’m definitely going to subscribe to Gabe. I’ve been toying with when to start selling stuff. My goal with the blog thus far has just been to build an audience. I always want to have free stuff, but I would also like to make money :).

    He has a great example of linking to the paid download page from YT. Right now I’m doing a YT series playing a new, original song every week. My goal is to do it for a year. I’ve thought about selling the MP3’s as a subscription for $20. That’s around 50 original songs over the course of a year for pretty cheap…I don’t know if it’s too soon, though.

  2. Politics on YouTube | Efficience Says:

    […] and whether Republican or Democrat, this has got to make you laugh. Once again…the power of YouTube at its […]

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