Social media mistakes


We have been posting a lot of ‘guides’ to social media, so it was great to come across this list of common social media mistakes from Small Business Trends:

  • Creating profiles everywhere– Spreading your username around the internet may seem like a good idea, but do research to decide which sites will help your business the most. Being choosy also prevents you from overextending yourself; find out where your customers are, pick your best options and be loyal in your devotion to building those!
  • Not completing your profile– This shows a lack of commitment, and it reflects poorly on your membership in the online community. Opening yourself up a bit by customizing your profile will attract like-minded members and show you are there to stay.
  • Fake friending– This mistake will prove to be a huge waste of time. Quality of friends is much more important than quantity of friends. “Seek out the people who will be most vocal about you. Then, go out of your way for them. Help them. Connect with them. Build real relationships. That is how social media becomes powerful…You wouldn’t walk into a coffee shop and immediately ask everyone to be your best friend. Don’t do it online either,” Small Buisiness says.
  • Selling to everyone, immediately– Be patient through the necessary step of proving yourself to the online community. Take the time to create relationships before pushing a product.
  • Using the same strategy on every site– You have probably figured out that social networking sites are not all the same; from Twitter to LinkedIn, each site has its own rules and methods of success. If you don’t learn the ins and outs of each site you participate on, you may fail at them all.
  • Not measuring it– Don’t go into social media without thinking through why you’re doing it, what you are hoping to get from it and a way to track your success.

Take these tips, study them, and maybe take a few minutes to reevaluate your own social networking. You may already be on the right track, but there is always the opportunity to make social media work better for you and your business.

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