Snail mail marketing genius


Following a complete rebranding (and a new name) of their 800-number provider aimed at small businesses, the company Grasshopper needed a great way to let people know about their new Entrepreneur Movement.

After two months of planning and a compiled list of 5,000 influential bloggers, journalists, celebrities, TV anchors, and CEOs, on May 4th, Grasshopper sent each person a FedEx package containing chocolate-covered grasshoppers and a link to a non-promotional video they made reinforcing their brand.

As recipients opened their packages, they commented on it online, posted videos and many of the television anchors did on-air segments about the gift, igniting a social media frenzy. Here’s the buzz:

  • 4,911% site traffic increase from April to May
  • 144,843 video views with 162 comments
  • 1,500 tweets
  • 120 blog posts in one month
  • Tweets from Guy Kawasaki, Kevin Rose, and Jason Calacanis
  • 7 national TV mentions

“Grasshopper’s incredibly innovative social media marketing strategy was a combination of oddities. From the quirkiness of sending their name sake covered in chocolate to their snail mail contact method…they pretty much threw the typical formula for generating online buzz out the window,” Mashable said in their article.

Grasshopper summarizes the campaign as, “5,000 influential people. 25,000 chocolate grasshoppers. Over 183,000 views on YouTube.” Check out their page dedicated to the campaign that shows all the videos made, blogs written and tweets sent!

This video, made by JaffeJuice, features one of the receivers (#1,530 of 5,000) of the Grasshopper package, discussing six ideas/implications of effective outreach, using insights and lessons that came out of this unique marketing scheme:

  1. Go big! (or go home)
  2. Make people special
  3. Respond
  4. Be creative
  5. Snail mail works
  6. The offer (don’t forget it)

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