A few good blogs


We are always searching for exciting blogs…most of the time we stumble upon them, but sometimes we get lucky!

“100 Awesome Blogs for Your Business Education” was compiled by Online College Reviews. This list is broken down into categories: General Business, Management and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Finances and Economics, Human Resources, Marketing, Green Business, E-Commerce, Technology, Business School and MBA.

Whatever your place is in the business world, this list has something for you. We pulled our favorites to share with you…

5. All Business: This busy site is worth browsing- search under the ‘Bloggers’ tab for blogs to check out, including the ‘Small Business Blog.’

54. Seth Godin: The popular Godin fills his blog with valuable insights on marketing, social media, technology and more.

56. Duct Tape Marketing: A great resource from small business expert John Jantsch includes links to practical products, workshops, articles and coaching services.

62. The Marketing Blog: Read this blog for continued insight into the marketing world from expert Michael Fleischner.

63. Marketing Profs: This ‘one-stop shop for marketing know-how’ is packed with useful information along with live events, virtual seminars and a stage for community interaction. Originally founded and written by marketing professors, current contributors come from varied walks of life. (and we love their cute bird logo!)

87. Scobleizer: Former Microsoft employee and ‘technical evangelist’ Robert Scoble writes this blog about the latest developments in social media, online business and the Web.

88. ReadWriteWeb: Founded in 2003, this high-traffic site keeps readers in the know of Web technology news, social media trends, reviews and analysis.

With so many blogs in existence, we would love to learn about other gems, so please let us know what your favorite blogs are!

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3 Responses to “A few good blogs”

  1. BenW Says:

    If you’re interested in the music business the Lefsetz Letter is the best!

  2. ecoblogical Says:

    i wsh you had some visable contact info on this blog…. email phone?????

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