5 steps to better Twittering


In an effort to further help followers (and Blue Media Boutique) master the art of Twitter, we thought information compiled from this Mashable article on “Twitter for Beginners” may be helpful.

Here are their 5 steps to better tweeting:

  1. Find people you already know, who are discussing things you are interested in and who would enjoy what you have to say. This makes it much easier to jump into conversations. Use Twitter’s ‘Find Friends on other Networks’ tool, Tweepz or the Twitter Facebook app to help!
  2. Find like-minded users. Seeing interesting and useful tweets about things you care about every time you log in will make Twitter seem more worth your time. Use ‘Twitter Search’ to find people talking (in real-time) about keywords you select, or search third-party directories like Twellow and WeFollow.
  3. Find people in the area. This will keep you informed on local issues, things to do in your area, and will help you connect with people you can relate to because you share a city. Use Twitter’s advanced search options or third-partys TwellowHood and Localtweeps.
  4. Get a desktop (or mobile) client. This really pertains to users who outgrow the traditional Twitter.com web interface. A desktop client, like Tweetdeck or Seesmic, is the solution once you start following a large number of people and sending and receiving replies and direct messages. This client software is built specifically to better utilize Twitter. Mobile users also have options for getting more from Twitter.
  5. Learn the ropes. Study Twitter’s unique jargon, commands, rules and third-party options. Check out Mashable’s Twitter Guide Book for help.

Happy Twittering!

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