Why is sharing your content so important?


How much value does an idea have if it lives only in your head? In today’s world, very little.

Sharing changes everything. It transforms the way you interact with your community. It builds relationships.

“Sharing is much more important than protecting all of your ideas,” says Loic Le Meur, web entrepreneur and Seesmic CEO.

Adam Ostrow at Mashable posted some data today from AddToAny, creators of a popular widget that offers users on content sites an easy way to share stories across multiple social media sites.

“According to AddToAny, Facebook now dominates sharing, with 24 percent of shares from the widget consisting of users posting items to the social network. That handily beats out email (11.1 percent) and Twitter (10.8 percent), making the world’s most popular social network also the most popular service for sharing content. This is undoubtedly welcome news at Facebook, as the site continues to emphasize sharing and readies its own real-time search engine.”

Even more reason to get on the Facebook bandwagon…stop hiding from your high school friends.

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