Creating valuable content


What makes content valuable?

Transparency. Relevancy. Frequency.

Be open and honest in your posts. Throw your own voice into the mix and let people get to know who you are. Keep it unique.

Know your audience and exceed their expectations. Stay informed and deliver timely information. Stay on point and deliver content that is focused and impactful. Educate your audience.

Meet your audience’s expectations. Post often enough so they’ll have an opportunity to get to know you, but not too frequently or you’ll scare them away!

Do you have other suggestions on creating content that is worthwhile? Let me hear them…

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3 Responses to “Creating valuable content”

  1. BenW Says:

    It’s interesting, because, in my case, I’ve got two different audiences from my background: one for my country music and one for my Christian music. I’ve been trying to figure out how to post in such a way that makes both still want to be a part (they can have vastly different interests :). I’ve tried focusing on just one or the other, but that’s not who I am. I’ve been just being honest and genuine and it seems to be working. At least for my sanity. We’ll see.

    • torirose Says:

      I think your approach is a good one. Keep it simple. Are you sharing your posts on other blogs? I think it might be helpful for you to seek out some top Christian music blogs and some top country music blogs. Engage with their bloggers and provide links to your own posts where applicable. This will hopefully begin to generate linkbacks to your site and you’ll start to grow your own audience. Send us the link to your blog so we can check it out!

  2. BenW Says: … Thanks, Tori!

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