More viral marketing advice


from Steve Chazin, author of Marketing Apple

“One of my simple marketing rules found in the Marketing Apple e-book is ‘Make Your Message Memorable.’ Simply put, you have little chance that something will go viral unless, like a disease, it can be spread easily mouth-to-mouth. For that to happen, your message has to be super tight and easy to transmit in as few words as possible. ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’ is the answer to ‘what is an iPod?’ Before that, the Macintosh was introduced as ‘The computer for the rest of us.’ If you can boil your message down to just its syrupy goodness, you can achieve lift—the irresistible force of millions of customers selling your product for you.”

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  1. Rana Impune Says:

    See some good examples of Viral Marketing at

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